Alec Baker, Psy.D.

Building Communities of Success

Enhancing the experience of parents, players, and coaches.

Winning youth sports programs rely on strong communities of success.  Part of any community of success is strong and positive parent involvement.  A brief, focused sport-parent team building and education workshop can help teams coordinate all of their resources and build towards achieving their goals.

This workshop has the following goals:

1) Help parents and coaches work together to foster a culture of excellence.

2) Identify specific ways that parents can support the team’s goals.

3) Develop unity among the team’s parents.

It includes two 60-minute sessions. The first session will involve team-building exercises with parents and coaches as well as a review of team goals as developed by the coaching staff.  The second session will focus on defining the roles of players, coaches, and parents while developing specific steps that parents can take to help the team achieve its goals.

This workshop is designed specifically for individual teams.  If you are a coach or parent that is interested in improving how your (or your child’s) team makes use of all of its resources then this is for you.  Please feel free to contact Dr. Baker by phone or email for further details.