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Professional Psychology Services.

Dr. Baker is licensed clinical psychologist practicing in the Denver area.  His work focuses on helping individuals, couples, and families use their strengths to achieve peak living.  Peak living is a state of total engagement that allows for maximum enjoyment of day-to-day life.  Everyone experiences ups and downs, but those who achieve peak living enjoy longer and higher peaks with shorter and shallower valleys.

Dr. Baker’s primary service is providing psychotherapy for a range of clients who are facing a variety of presenting problems.  He also provides psychological assessment.

  • Individual therapy
  • Couple therapy
  • Family therapy.

Please click here to learn more about Dr. Baker’s sports consulting services, which include:

  • Organizational consulting
  • Sport parenting education.

About Dr. Baker.

Dr. Baker is originally from Philadelphia, PA and attended the Pennsylvania State University as an undergraduate where he earned his bachelors degree in Psychology.  After graduating from Penn State he joined the research team at the Center for Weight and Eating Disorders of the University of Pennsylvania where he contributed to research exploring the psychosocial factors involved in bariatric surgery and cosmetic surgery outcomes.  After several years in the field of health psychology research at the CWED, Dr. Baker moved to Denver to attend the University of Denver where he earned his Masters and Doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology.

Dr. Baker has been helping clients who struggle with clinical issues such as depression, anxiety, and relationship turbulence since the start of his training in 2007.  As a therapist his interest in positive psychology – the study of how individuals, couples, and families achieve lasting happiness and satisfaction – has informed his use of interventions that provide immediate relief from symptoms while addressing their underlying source.

Throughout Dr. Baker’s life he has been an athlete with a deep seeded passion for sport.  As a youth he competed at the highest levels as an ice hockey and lacrosse player. He also played football, soccer, golf, and baseball.  As an adult he has found coaching ice hockey and lacrosse to be an incredibly satisfying way to stay involved in sports and contribute to the youth sports community that proved to be an integral part of his own development.

Since 2011 Dr. Baker has coached Lacrosse at the high school level and been instrumental in creating programs for the social network development of sports teams, guiding team managers and coaches to better develop an inclusive community of success in and around their programs.  As both a coach and psychotherapist, Dr. Baker has made a huge impact on the quality experience of parents, coaches and athletes through these programs and he serves as an important team resource to those organizations he has worked with.

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